Frequently asked questions about Face Painting  for your information

Q:What area do you cover?
A: All of the Sydney metropolitan region. Anything outside a 20 km radius of the Inner west of Sydney will incur a travel fee.

Q: What sort of make-up do you use?
A: Good question, it’s very important to know what paints a face painter is using. Bad paints can cause bad reactions. Personally I use Paradise by Mehron.
It is an FDA compliant water based, professional face and body paint make-up. It contains aloe, chamomile, avocado, and cocoa butter, so it’s gentle and smooth to the skin, has a lovely fragrance. The colours are vibrant and it is easily removed off skin and clothing. It dries to a powder finish and will not crack or peel.

How many faces can you paint?] A: On average I paint around 10-12 faces an hour. This depends on type of design requests. If you have an event with 20 guests you will need 2 hours minimum 2.5 hours would ensure everyone gets their design choice.

Q: Do you only do face painting?
A: I’m also a body painter, I do glitter and temporary tattoos, and can bring a bubble machine and/or take photo’s of your event.
(These extra services incur  a fee)

I also offer Airbrush Temporary tattoos, with many designs to choose from, back or coloured and last up to 5 days. You can have a combination of face painting and airbrush tattoos or just one or the other.

Q: Do you work indoors, outdoors all weather?
A: Yes. Providing I have adequate shelter from sun on the hot days and wind and rain in the cold.

Q: How do I pay you?
A:Cash on the day is the best option. A bank transfer is possible if organised a week before your event.

Q: Do you do charity work?
A: I’m always happy to help out if I have the free time.

Q:What do I need to provide?
A: Two chairs and a table somewhere with shade or cover.
  If you have any other query or would like a quote for your event  you can use my contact page to email me.


For more information call Tash on 0415 331 872 – or email us at

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